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Health and social services  / The attention to individual and environmental health, to the needs of our elders, to those of the most disadvantaged and solidarity in a time of austerity in the world, are fundamental aspects of the quality of life. We want to promote volunteering to get services and aids that, today, would be impossible to achieve in other ways. We commit ourselves to prioritize the expenses and investments that go in the line of favoring the most neglected people, and to do everything possible to provide economically those actions for social welfare that, being essential, need an economic contribution .



  • Establish a full-time health service with one permanent doctor and one permanent nurse (tenured posts).

  • Allow for blood sample extractions twice a week.

  • Provide paediatrician and midwife assistance in our Centre de Salut.

  • Promote healthy habits with the guidance of a nutritionist.

  • Conduct awareness campaigns to reduce unhealthy behaviours.

Social services

  • Keep track and permanent contact with the school and elder communities to assist them in any relevant matter.

  • Provide financial aid to families experiencing severe economic hardships.

  • Promote a volunteering program targeting persons with special needs.

  • Start a program that would allow assistance-related material (e.g., wheelchairs, crutches) to be lended/borrowed.

  • Allocate 1% of the municipal budget to international and local cooperation.

  • Support foreign children-hosting programs (e.g., saharauís and other countries).

  • Support the ecologic food service project that intends to provide the lunch catering to the school and the elder association.

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