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Economy / The economy of a population is one of the most important engines of its development. Therefore, the economic activity of Santa Eugènia must be promoted, encouraging the creation of jobs and collaborating with our companies. We want:

  • Support the local economy and establish regular contact with the village businesses.

  • Foster shopping at the village’s shops and business.

  • Promote the touristic information point.

  • Reduce taxation on construction and rehabilitation works whenever the original building character is preserved.

  • Establish IBI subsidies of up to 50% for BIC-designated areas (until the special plan for the Llogarets is approved). Also, establish a 10% IBI subsidy for buildings with categories B and C.

  • Subsidize the aperture and recycling taxes for new business establishing in Santa Eugènia that hire local unemployed people.

  • Ensure that direct contracts are preferentially assigned to local businesses.

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