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Participation and Electronic Administration / One of the most important challenges that we pose as a team with a vocation for government is to involve the Taujans and the Taujanes in participation, understood as a right to be exercised daily and not just once every four years. Therefore, we want our village to be a 21st century City Council, that is, participation through new technologies. We propose an ambitious plan to modernize local administration based on two priority axes:



  • Regularly held open meetings that foster debate.

  • Approve a participative budget.

  • Conduct council meetings at a time when most people can participate. Broadcast (through streaming)  the council meetings.

  • Foster and ease the participation of the village’s people and associations in the council meetings.

  • Encourage citizens to associate around any topic they might be interested in.

 Electronic Administration

  • Promote and widen the range of services that can be carried out telematically.

  • Disseminate potentially interesting news and activities by electronic means (e.g. Whassap groups).

  • Elaborate council reports covering the tasks undertaken a share them through the social networks.

  • Implement the Transparency Protocol whose use is compulsory in all councils.

  • Update and digitalize the council’s inventory of goods and rights.

  • Foster the utilization of the official council’s app to directly communicate any suggestion or report incidents.

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