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About us /  The fundamental pillars of FEIM Santa Eugènia are citizen participation, transparency, coherent management, local promotion, the sustainable growth of the village and to defend the protection of our heritage, our own language and our health as a fundamental right.

We want to involve the citizens in making decisions to improve the quality and effectiveness of public management. We want an open, healthy and lively town, in which people of all ages find an adequate space to carry out their activities.


Information is a fundamental right for any democratic village with a participative, critical and committed spirit. We want the maximum transparency and inform the Taujans and the taujanes of all those decisions that are made in the Town Hall. 


We want to ensure a direct attention to the citizen and guarantee a quick and efficient municipal social services.


We want to recover the culture of the land. Santa Eugènia has a very rich architectural, archaeological, ethnological and cultural heritage that must be preserved and valued.

We stand for a responsible consumption and management of resources to build a model of a sustainable town with the capacity to adapt to the changes that society demands. We want to promote renewable energy, recycling and efficient water management.

We want to defend our own language, culture and heritage as signs of the identity of Santa Eugènia. We want quality education that promotes equality and inclusivity.

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