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Mobility / We are very concerned about the state of our streets and roads, as well as urban mobility and parking areas. Nor can we put aside the environmental, the bet for the electric vehicle and the sensitization regarding the reduction of the uses of motor vehicles within the municipality. Therefore, we propose:

  • Improve the roads’ ditches.

  • Claim back the TIB service joining Santa Eugènia and Santa Maria.

  • Reorganize public parking spaces and habilitate new ones.

  • Establish fiscal incentives to promote the use of electric vehicles.

  • Run information campaigns to discourage car usage within the village.

  • Deploy speed-reducing bands in Camada des Terme and Camí de Muntanya.

  • Extend the existing cycling network by joining Ses Alqueries and Santa Maria.

  • Conduct an overall mobility plan.

  • Carry out the periodic maintenance and signalling of Caminet de Ses Alqueries and Camí de s’Hostelet.

  • Improve the village’ accesses from Sineu road.

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