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The Llogarets / It is necessary to make an effort to improve the maintenance, infrastructure and communications of the villages, especially to be able to move around safely. You also have to find ways to revitalize the villages and make them participants in the activities that take place in the town. We want:

  • Habilitate at each llogaret shaded sitting areas. Join the llogarets through a network of safe paths.

  • Delimitate green areas.

  • Improve the bus stops at the different llogarets.

  • Improve and signal the Caminet de Ses Alqueries.

  • Open the Caminet de Ses Coves (foot track joining Ses Coves and Santa Eugènia).

  • Habilitate a safe pedestrian path on the road connecting Ses Olleries and Santa Eugènia.

  • Habilitate a cycling path between Ses Alqueries and Santa Maria.

  • Yearly organize some festive/cultural event at each of the llogarets.

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