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Environment / The conservation of the environment is the necessary condition for the sustainability of a society. The next four years of the legislature should allow new more effective environmental measures, with more consensus and more effective. It is necessary to move forward in the saving of resources -energy, water, consumer goods, etc.- increasing efficiency in its use but also reducing unnecessary consumption. We want:

  • Conduct an informative campaign about the incentives affecting garbage collection and recycling.

  • Develop a maintenance plan for the rural roads that contemplates ceasing the use of toxic herbicides, combined with tutorial talks on environmental education.

  • Promote the reduction of electric and telephone aerial wirings.

  • Eradicate the use of plastic bags from all village shops.

  • Support the Pla d’Acció per a l’Energia Sostenible (PAES) elaborated by the Consell de Mallorca that aims at a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions.

  • Publicize the official calls that promote the installation of thermic insulators and solar panels.

  • Regulate aspects related to luminous pollution.

  • Update the regulations related to green policies.

  • Plant more trees throughout the village and promoting the decoration of the village houses with plants and flowers.

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