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Culture, sport and young people / The culture, rooted in the environment and present in a context of multicultural wealth, and the Catalan language, which identifies us as a people and which shares with all other languages of the world the dignity of an inalienable heritage, form an essential part of us as people and as a society. On the other hand, the sports center is a meeting place, full of life and activity, especially for children and young people. We want:

  • Support existing cultural initiatives.

  • Boost the activities conducted at the Casal de Joves.

  • Improve the book collection at the library, specially, the teenager and young adults’ sections.

  • Plan for the availability of a multi-use space that can serve to support multiple activities (art, sport).

  • Formalization of an agreement to manage the Centre Parroquial.

  • Foster volunteering activities that enhance community values.

  • Promote local personal heritage.

  • Promote the use of the Catalan language and the Memòria Històrica.

  • Assert the agricultural and farming character of Santa Eugènia while highlighting our cultural and ethnological roots. Enhance the touristic appeal of our village by improving our environment/landscape.

  • Widen the range of sport activities while improving the existing ones (football, tennis and judo schools).

  • Elaborate a hiking guide comprising routes around the village.

  • Ensure the proper maintenance of the sport facilities (including hot water in the changing rooms).

  • Establish a generic sport club that can federate and cover the different activities of local athletes.

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